Thursday, 9 June 2016

Brooklyn Show Not Tell

As we entered the large dark building disco lights beamed and music blasted. We walked excitedly over to the stairs as the soles of our purple and green socks grip onto the cold concrete floor. At the top of the stairs people were jumping all over the place, the floor and walls were made out of trampolines. The foam pit was covered in hundreds of foam cubes.

The dodge ball area was packed with people ready to battle against each other, the balls were lined up in the middle, everyone lined up against the wall on each side, when everyone was ready a loud squeaking sound blew right out of the workers whistle. We all sprinted over to the middle trying to collect as much dodge balls as we could. Then we fired our weapons at the other team, as the lights beamed across the room the game started to get a lot harder.


  1. Hi Brooklyn,
    Seems like your time at Jump was fun.
    What is you favourite space? mine is the foam pit.
    Keep it up,


  2. Kia ora Brooklyn,

    It sounds like fun things you have been telling us at Jump.
    Also about the war use had against each other in dogeball.

    By Izac


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