Monday, 31 March 2014

The worst birthday ever!!!!!!!!!! (Part 2)

As I still search the house for presents I start to get a bit sleepy until I spot a little parcel on the kitchen table. I stare down at the parcel and on it the little sticker says to Jessie from Grandma. Jessie was excited to  open the parcel  because every year on her birthday grandma would always get her some fancy shoes and 200$. But this year she only got an Apple and and fruit basket with only 5 dollars in it, She was devastated about her gift. Her parents weren't even home or even left a card or anything. After that she went outside and walked to her friends house but she wasn't there as well.

                      The End... Is only just the beginning


  1. Hey
    That is the worst birthday ever. Is there a happy ending?

    1. Hahaha thanks you'll just have to wait and see. I might be doing a third story as well and that one might have a happy ending to it. Brooklyn


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