Monday, 3 March 2014

Year 5 and 6 camp for 2014

Hello my name is Brookyn and next Monday is our year 5& 6 camp. I am so excited because I went last year and I had lots of fun. This year I am a year 6 which means I might be a camp leader I'm super stoked about that. At our school camp we sleep in tents on our school field. We all stay there for 2 nights in the tents. I hope my friends are in my tent but it would make it harder for us to sleep because we talk the whole night, hopefully not because there are teachers outside making sure we don't talk because we all have to wake up at 7am or 6:30am thats pretty early. When we get woken up we have to do jump jam for exercise so it can wake us up with lots of energy for the big day ahead. At camp we do all sorts of activities like Kayaking, sports, rollerblading and also 
  tough and challenging games and more amazing and crazy epic stuff.. 

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