Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Writing test

                                         Para 1 what makes a good friend...
A good friend always looks up for each other and never judges them about their personality. A good friend never leaves a friend alone or goes and leave them and find someone else to hang out with. So what makes a good friend yes a nice and respectful chat so no argues or disrespectful conversations.  
                                      Para 2 Why is friendship important...
Friendship is important because when you start at a new school you might be a bit scared or shy, but if you meet someone quick then they can show you around and introduce you to all the children there and they might ask to be your friend. When I first started school I was was shy but then I made some friends and then i got over my shyness. If one of your friends  
is upset because she is lonely what should you do? If one of my were lonely I would ask if they would like to hang out with me because that is part of being a good friend.

                               Para 3 Why do we have friends..
The reason we have friends is so you can share you work with each other maybe share stuff about you what they didn’t know. We also have friends because if you're sad they can always help you and make you feel a lot better. Friends are awesome to have so enjoy having friends they might even invite you to sleepovers, birthdays and parties wouldn't that be fun.

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