Thursday, 31 October 2013

Brooklyn Narrative Practice 2

Every picture tells a story.

2 years ago they're was a man named Bobby he was a farmer with his two brothers named Tom and
Harry  they loved farming together such as hanging out with them all day. One day when they were taking  out the weeds they're father Terry told them to grow some crops in garden. Once they were at the garden they started growing but 5 minutes later Bobby said to his two brothers “ hey have we ever been taught to do this job? then Tommy replied “no I don’t think so” so then Bobby and Tommy thought of it , 2 minutes later harry said “who cares we got told to do the job so just do it anyway” so the three brothers just carried on with their job.

4 hours later they were finally finished they were so tired and also really hungry so they went inside and had some dinner. The next day they did what they did every morning forgetting about the crops they did yesterday. 5 weeks later still doing they're jobs still forgetting about the crops they did 4 weeks ago finally they're  dad came out and asked if they had been checking on the crops. They all kept quiet then the dad said “ come on are you gonna answer me” Still no answer so the dad went to check in the garden when he looked at the crops his face looked terrified all he saw was a garden with brown corns  and yellow and brown droopy leaves hanging down. The brothers ran to the garden as fast as they could but the dad was already there. They're  dad was very very mad, “I told you’s to keep checking on it and never leave them for longer than 3 weeks growled the dad.

Since then dad had fired us from crop growing which we were actually glad about. A day after all that anger the three brothers apologised to they're father to say they're really sorry for ruining the crops. Then  they all gave their dad a hug.

                                                  The End!
here's what I have marked my self.

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  1. Hi Brooklyn! My name is Lindsay Stewart; I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL, USA. I am taking a technology class called EDM310. I am studying to become an English teacher. I enjoyed your narrative about the farmers and their father. I am glad it ended with a hug! I help my father in our garden all the time, and this story reminded me that if you do not know how to do something that you should always ask. I also like that you use a rubric to grade yourself on your writing; that's a good way to look at your progress. Thanks for sharing your story!


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