Monday, 21 October 2013

Farming fish retold by Brooklyn

1.Richard lives in a village called Togori on the island of Makira in the solomon islands. Did you know fish is really important to them. They do not buy thing’s very often they usually grow or catch.

2.  He has an uncle named Isaiah and is also the chief of they're village. He also taught the other people in the village how eat fish when the weather is to bad to go out to sea. His uncle Isaiah found some useful information from a magazine about farming fish so uncle Isaiah decided to make some plastic pipes so that the water would keep fresh and clean.

3. The pool’s that uncle Isaiah made took 1 and a half years to dig out. Most of their days they spend they're mornings and evening’s on the pools. When the pools a finished they have to be joined up to the river with pipes.

4. In the story Richard says his best  job is catching fish, He uses a traditional rod. Richard glad that he had helped his uncle’s plan succeed so well.

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