Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs goat and her seven kids my version

6 years ago there lived a mother sheep called jenny who had seven little lambs. One day she told her little lambs she was going out to the supermarket, so she said to her little lambs Do not open the door! because you do not want to be gobbled up by the big bad wolf do you, the lambs replied No Way! A couple of minutes went by and mother sheep had gone to the supermarket. When mother sheep came out the door out hiding in the backyard was the big bad wolf. When he saw Jenny enter her car he knocked on the door and said “ Let me in Let me in” “who are you” said the little lambs, I am your mother I forgot to give you you’re pocket money said the wolf, the little lambs replied “you're not our mother she sounds like this Baaaa your not our mother you're the big bad wolf said the lambs.

So the wolf went to the sheep master and said “will you teach me how to speak in sheep language or i will gobble you up” so the sheep master said  ok ok. So an hour went by and the wolf quickly ran to jenny’s house and knocked on the door and said let me in let me in it’s you’re mother I have some treats for you  said the wolf. The lambs said show us you’re tail ,so the wolf showed them his tail,you a not our mother her tail is as thin like wheat this tail is grey and fluffy you’re the big bad wolf said the seven lambs. So the wolf went to the hospital and asked the doctor “can you change my tail if you don't I will eat you’re nose so the doctor said ok ok 30 minutes later the wolf ran as fast as he can to the little lambs house but when he was running he got ran over he had ran so fast he wasn't looking we he was.


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