Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Brooklyn Narrative writing practice (Roller Coaster)

Every picture tells a story.

  • Use your imagination and experience to narrate (tell) a story about the photo.
  • Why are the people there?
  • What are they doing?
  • Why?
  • What problem is caused?
  • How is it solved?

Think about:
  • where your story is set
  • Who your characters are – what they do, what they say, and how they think and feel
  • the problem and how it is solved
  • The order of your ideas and how they are linked.

Remember to:
  • choose your words carefully
  • take care with your spelling, punctuation, and sentences
  • edit – add or delete words or sentences to improve your work.

  • Sammy was to short for the Saw roller coaster.
  • Ariana, Chloe, Sammy and Brooklyn
  • They told him to take some grow powder.
  • Dreamworld
Writing Goals
  • speech
  • question
  • adding more detail
  • tell me its a forest without telling me its a forest

On a hot scorching day Brooklyn , Bob , Sammy and Ariana decided to go  Dream World. Dream World had lot’s of awesome and fun rides. After 10 rides they started to feel very hungry after those  rides, so they went to the food truck and bought some food. After they had finished their food Sammy told them that he was going to the Extreme roller-coaster but Ariana said “no you can’t go on any rides until 20 minutes are over” then Sammy replied “but that's so long” “anyway why do we have to wait for 20 minutes” answered Bob “because we will get sick on the rides dah” Ohhhhhhhhh they all said.

As the sun drooped down very slowly Brooklyn looked at the time on her phone it had turned 2:30 “OMG it’s been an hour we can go now” said Brooklyn “we were supposed to go at 2:00 said Sammy, after 5 rides they took the chance to go on the Saw the ride they have dreamed about going on forever . when they got they're a very tall not really skinny  man said can I measure your height please, when he measured Sammy height Sammy was too short. Sammy started to feel very sad, then Ariana said “you guys go on i’ll stay here with Sammy”. Bob and Brooklyn looked at each other and then they said  “no we can’t leave you guys” so they ran out of the line and Brooklyn got her backpack “here Sammy drink this it’s magic grow powder promise me it’ll make you tall for the ride but it only lasts for 2 hours OK”

Sammy drank the magic grow powder 2 minutes later Sammy was as tall as Bob then they could all go on the ride whew  . after 2 more rides they decided to go on the Saw 1 more time but yes the magic grow powder had worn off.

The End!

               (oh and they all lived happily ever after but not for Sammy)

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