Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Butterfly life cycle

This term class 6,7 and 8 has been learning about a butterflies life cycle. If you want to know how a butterfly is raised then read this, it will also give you some very interesting information about Monarch butterflies.

                                               Stage 1 & 2
First the  female monarch butterfly flies on to a swan plant and lays a hundred of eggs that look the size of a sesame seed, around 4 days later the egg has hatched and out comes a tiny caterpillar that is only 2 mls long WOW that’s tiny. 2 minutes after the newborn caterpillar has hatched it starts to eat the shell. ( the shell is very good  for the newborn caterpillars).
                                                                   Stage 3 & 4
Later that day the little caterpillar starts to munch on the leaves of a milkweed plant. As it munches on the leaves it starts getting bigger and bigger. A day went past as the caterpillar is still eating a few minutes later it starts to shed it’s skin. When a caterpillar shed it’s skin it’s like a new beginning to them.

                                                                  Stage 5 & 6

When the caterpillar is fat enough it turns into a cocoon and it stays in there for about 2 weeks.When it is past two weeks or more the cocoon starts to crack and out comes a beautiful monarch butterfly. After it comes out it’s wings are still little so it takes them 45 minutes or less to stretch out the wings and for the blood to go through.

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