Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Brooklyn's Antarctic Penguins

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Did you know? that penguins are birds that don’t live in the north called arctic. They  only live in southern oceans.

Did you know? that penguins can’t fly,and when they come ashore they stand up on their short legs.When penguins walk they take small waddling steps.

When  it’s the long antarctic weather.And  it’s coming to  winter the sun doesn't rise,icy gales blow and temperature drops .It also stays dark for the rest of winter during breakfast,morning tea and lunch.

In Antarctica the male Emperor penguins put an egg on their feet and stay there for the whole winter well the female ones go away for a whole month .A few living things can survive and some can die.

Did you know? that penguins have a thick layer of blubber under their skin.They have blubber because it keeps out the cold.

Penguins have a fluffy layer  of soft feathers that overlaps.They also have a thick waterproof coat to keep them warm.

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