Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Chapter 1 Trip to Kelly Tarltons

Chapter 1 trip to Kelly Tarltons.

Hey guys it's Brooklyn and this year team 4  have been learning and investigating Antarctica so we thought rooms 18,17 and 16 could take an awesome trip to Kelly Tarltons. The next day Mr Marks gave us a notice to give to our parents the title on the notice  said Kelly tarltons so that means we are going to Kelly Tarltons yey!On Tuesday Mr Marks  said that we had to bring our permission slips and our $15 by Friday because we are going next week.

On Monday morning we were dropping off my cousin to my aunties house and then my auntie said "isn't it your trip today" and I said "oh yes" I had forgot all about the trip that I didn't know it was today oh no.When I had arrived to school I saw Enyahlee and she asked me if I was coming today net-nooks”,then he told us to use only one bag in each group  Marilyn was partner so she used my bag we only had to put our morning tea and our netbooks in it,it was so heavy.

After a few minutes went past we had to line up outside on the deck  to go to the hall for a little meeting before we get on the bus we had a prey and then Mr Jacobson said something about the patrollers ,Finally the little meeting was finished and I was so excited when I sat on a seat I saw that marilyn was sitting next to her dad up at the front and guess who I had to sit next to Collin.On the bus we basically all just played idea you and talked the whole ride.Finally we were just in mission bay that means we were almost there yey!


  1. Hi Brooklyn K,
    Amazing an well done but it was not just room 18 17 and 16 it was also room 13 and 14 but it is stool amazing wonderful fantastic.
    From Aaron

    1. Hi Aaron

      thank you for your nice comment.

      I may have forgotten room 13 and 14

      From Brooklyn K in room 18.


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