Tuesday, 15 April 2014

FiaFia 2014!!!!

Last wednesday was our school Fiafia. We usually have our fiafia every 2 years but this year was a bit different because we had it 2 years early. The group I was in was called precisely that. precisely that was like a military kind of dance/performance. For our performance we have to wear plain white pants a plain black tee, plain white gloves a white cap with black socks and shoes.

This is what we  looked like on wednesday night.

When everyone performing for fiafia had gotten changed into their costumes we all had to sit on the grass that had carpet over it, when everyone was seated our principal Mr Burt said the prayer and talked to us about the night and where we had to go on to get on the stage. The very first performance was the senior kapa haka.

Later on it was our turn on stage and I was starting to get really nervous. When we all walked up on stage  I could see everyone looking up at the stage ready for us to perform our amazing dance. When everyone got off the stage I felt proud of myself because I didn't muck up anything in the performance. As we sat back down to watch the other groups dance and perform I was feeling a bit sick. 

After the Fiafia had finished everyone went back to their changing rooms to get back into their normal clothes. My mum and dad were waiting outside for to go home. After that we went to go get my baby brother and then we had some McDonalds. 

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