Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who's fault was the sinking of the Titanic

On the 15th of April  1912 a young lady named Anna Finkelberg Felt awake. So she went for a stroll down to the deck to look at the beautiful ocean and suddenly slipped over a chunk of really cold ice. That’s strange she say’s, getting up Anna saw ice crashing onto the deck. She got up as fast as she could and ran back to the hall, everyone looks at her and one man told Anna to walk in the hallway please. 

A few moments later she headed back to the deck, as she walks down she smelt the sea water coming from the hall she went to peek her head out and all of a sudden she could see water splashing through the doors. Sprinting away Anna heads back to the deck to keep safe. Well just saying Anna was a bit wrong the deck was covered in ice. Looking down at her cold feet a man named Hugo Graham speedy quick grabs Anna and tosses  her into a lifeboat. Sitting there frozen she could hardly move her fingers. Her lips start  turning into a light shade of blue and purple. Sitting on the liferaft she see’s all the passengers screaming and arguing people pushing and jumping. One man jumped off but he didn’t make it for very long.

When she looked up she could  see the bow was gone but the stern facing up it was like a really high mountain sinking. A few minutes had past when only 2 lifeboats went to look  for people who were still moving and alive. Luckily they were able to find a couple of people but it wasn’t enough. Crash!!! she hears a very big cracking sound it was coming all the way from the ship, Anna looked over and see the Titanic snapping in half from all the engines and boilers making the stern of the ship heavy CRASH!!! there it goes the Titanic was gone.

Did you know that some people stayed on the ship because they got told the ship was unsinkable before the big crash happened they thought it still wouldn’t sink even  though they had hit an iceberg so they were definitely going down with that ship.

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