Friday, 12 September 2014

Newspaper article

Chromebook users
By Brooklyn
Kids at Pt england school have many digital devices like ipads, imacs , Chromebooks and more. The reason why is so that it  can help them with their learning.

All year 4 to 8 student have their very own Chromebook, that they use almost everyday to learn . Why do year 4 to 8 students have their own chromebook, Khaia, a  students from Pt England School says “ so our parents don’t have to spend a lot of money on stationary every year, and with our chromebooks we can type instead of write” Not all year 4 to 8 students have a Chromebook because some parents can’t afford it.

The cost of chromebooks are usually 500 dollars  from the store but students at Pt England School students get their very own digital chromebook for under 400 dollars, so probably 350 dollars. The good thing about it is it doesn't just come with a chromebook it also includes 1 chromebook bag and a charger. I think the price is good because it’s totally worth it.

The size of a chromebook is kinda of like a macbook air size but thicker at the top and bottom, a chromebook is pretty big for a student laptop. Marilyn a student from Pt England School says “"I don't really like the size at all infact sometimes I wish that I had a laptop like my teacher but I guess I just have to be grateful for what my mum and dad did for it to be mine" Some chromebooks can be different sizes like big,small wide and thin.

In 2026 chromebook will probably be the size of an imac and imacs are really big, lets hope they don’t get to bid because that would be very hard to put into your backpack and especially carry around. Imagine holding an imac everyday i'm guessing it would be really heavy. Ariana another student from Pt England School says “ I think chromebooks will be a hologram laptop that you can touch and work on” It would actually be pretty cool if chromebooks were a hologram because you could spill water on it and it wouldn't get wet.

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