Wednesday, 29 April 2015

ANZAC memorial

Last Friday P.E.S had their very own memorial on our field of remembrance. Our field of remembrance is not that big it is only the size of a little sandpit.The reason why it is only little is because the names of the people on the crosses were the ones who lived around our area like GI and Panmure. All of the crosses have a names on them except one because they couldn't identify the soldier, so instead they named it Known unto God.

On our school wall where our field of remembrance there is a painting of a soldier carrying an injured soldier and a poppy at the back of the soldier. The painting was done by our associate principal Mr Jacobson. I think the painting is really cool because he worked really hard on that, and it looks really good.

At the end of our school assembly all of the students headed to our field of remembrance to do a little memorial. When all of the students were outside we had to put the little junior kids in the very front then it went little, big, bigger and biggest which was the year 7 & 8’s. We were all squished but we still had to work with it.

After a few squishy tight minutes Mr Jacobson was playing the bugle horn off YouTube, when the song was finished our school prefects were doing a speech. “ alright we need a minute silence to remember those who was in the war” Mr Burt said so all of us stood silently in a squishy area.

When our memorial was over all of the year 7 & 8’s went to line up first and walked to class, then it was the year 5 & 6’s and so on.

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