Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ching Ching Ka Ching

$Ching Ching Ka Ching$
Click Cling Ching is the sound of money being spent on things you either need or want. All over the world there are so many different currencies for example England uses pounds and  Thailand uses Thai Bahts. In this explanation I will  write  how I receive money and what I would do with the money.

How I receive money: To receive my money I do chores like helping out with my brothers or the dishes or cleaning my room, or I usually just get money for christmas and my birthday. I like getting money for christmas and my birthday the most because I usually end up with $200 or sometimes even more. Every week I get $20 for chores or just things I have to do without being told to do them.

After the money has been given to me I always ask if we can go to the american shop (Martha's backyard) because they have a lot of american candy and other american things but only if I have $10 or more. Most times I would save it so I can have more money for later, I mostly spend my money on things that I want because things that I need we go buy it straight away like things for school, home, sports or other important things.

If I want to spend my money but I really want to save it for something I really want but I don’t have enough money for it yet I give it to my parents to hold onto so it can be safe for when I get enough money and it also stops me from buying things.

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