Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Miss Universe girls visit Pt England Schoool

Yesterday afternoon Pt England School had some special visitors come and tell us about trade and enterprise. Our special guests we the top 20 Miss Universe contestants but only 16 of them came to our School. When they came in we were all surprised because we didn't know that our guests were going to be the contestants of the beauty pageant Miss Universe New Zealand. 3 of the contestants Sharne, Ella and Gabrielle came up and introduced them selves to us and then told us about being an entrepreneur. Today the top 20 contestants are flying to the Philli-pens to Manila.  

After that a man called Jack Yan split them up so that they could come into our class. In class 3 we had 3 of them and their names were Ella, Jordarn and Ronita. They gave us a lot of advice about being good with your money and being an entrepreneur. The time went really fast and  they had to leave but before they went out teacher Mrs Tele'a asked if we cold have a photo with them. I think they were very inspirational the way they talked and how they gave us very helpful advice.

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