Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Immersion assembly term 4 2015

For every first day of school Pt England school always has an assembly we like to call an Immersion assembly, this is when all of the teachers who work at Pt England school dress up in costumes and create a skit or a short movie that explains what they are going to be learning about for our topic Pt England school are going to be learning about Survivors, my team (team 5) are going to be learning about PES Survivors. For this topic we are going to learn about different countries and learning about how people and animals adapted to suit their environment.

As I excitedly walked into the hall for our Term 4 Immersion assembly, we saw our principal Mr Burt dressed up in weird clothes with a parrot hat on his head. When all of the students sat down  Mr Burt told us all that he was dressed up as a Fiapoko Parrot,  he then talked to us about a made up story about the Fiapoko Parrot, then he showed us a movie he made with a couple of students to help. I thought the movie was cool and funny but a bit boring in some parts.

Later on Mr Burt said “ Give it up for team 1”! When the team 1 teachers got up on the stage they were all dressed up as zookeepers, that was because all of team 1 were going to the zoo to visit all of the animals and look at all of their habitats..  For team 1’s movie they used videos from youtube of people at the zoo and used the song roar by Katy Perry, After the movie team 1 told us that we they are going to do a karaoke contest and whoever has the best voice they would win a prize. There  were only a couple students on stage because the rest of the school was to shy. The winner of the contest was Marika who was Miss King’s daughter, she got the loudest cheers so that’s how she won. The prize she won was a free trip to the zoo with team 1.

Then it was team 2 and 3’s turn, they were learning about dinosaurs, some are even  going to be making up their own dinosaurs. For team 2 one of the teachers dressed up  into a barney costume, when barney came out all of the little kids were excited, the other teachers asked if some people would want to hug him. For team 3 they were all dressed up as dinosaurs as well, all the teachers from team 3 had made up their own names for their dinosaurs, some of their names were Man-0 saurus, Ballerina-saurus so on so on. Team 3’s movie was called the disco dino's it had all the teachers from team 3 dancing to the song staying alive.  I thought the movie was funny at the end because they are all dancing and all of a sudden a huge explosion blows them up.
For team 4 the teachers asked some students to be in their movie and go in front of a green screen, behind the green screen was an animal and the students had to try guess what animal it was and where they were. I thought the movie was funny. My favourite part was when Venetia ( team 4 student) thought she was in candy land and she thought the animal was a unicorn. My other favourite part is when Dezmon ( Team 4 student) acted like a kangaroo and was hopping around. For team 5 the teachers had a noodle eating contest but they had to eat it with chopsticks so it was even harder, the winner of the contest was Miss Clark. It was funny because Miss Peato and Miss Misela were angry at Miss Clark because they kept saying it was unfair because she was asian.

I thought this terms immersion assembly was cool because the skits and movies were fun to watch and all of the teachers costumes were cool. I can’t wait for next year’s immersion assembly!!

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