Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 2 ( As I see it )

Yesterday morning was the start of term 2 at Pt England school, This term our topic is called “as i see it”. For every start of the term or year Pt England school has a special assembly we like to call an Immersion Assembly, this is when all of the teachers from every team dress up into costumes and show us a movie about what they are focusing on for the term.

The first team to go up on the stage and present their movie to us was Team 1, Team 1 are focusing on what their favorite things are, then they are going to turn them into art. The second team was Team 2 they were focusing on the seasons and are going to look at the different colors that are in these seasons. Team 3 is focused on Grand designs and Architecture. Team 4 are focusing on comics, and are looking at the different types of styles used in the comics, they are going to read lots of comics and maybe even create one of their own ones. The last team on the stage was my team Team 5 we are going to be focusing on the waka and what they represent and symbolize.

My favorite movie was from team 4  because I liked the way the made everyone laugh and the way acted, in the movie the characters names were  Bear Baxendine, Bat Guy, Team Leader America, Wondering Women & Amateur Heros. I think that this one was the best because they had great humor and were good at making people laugh.

This term I am hoping to learn lots about the waka and the history behind it.

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