Monday, 2 December 2013

Ambury Farm

Last week the year 5 kids went to Ambury Farm for a school trip, it was fun but smelt a bit weird. The first thing in the morning was all the year 5 kids had to go to the hall for a prayer and a safe meeting. Once we had our prayer and our safe meeting we all hopped on the bus and took off . Once we got there everyone got off and hopped in a line.

Then we all sat on the benches and had a drink of water and a little snack. . When we finished our snack we had to put our bags in a metal kinda looking cupboard . Then we went into the barn for a game and a meeting . The game we played was like you had to put things in order then we just had a meeting about how to treat the animals.

Once that was all done we all had to get into groups. The first group went off to the shearing shed and the other group went to the milking shed . In the shearing shed you get to see a lady shear the sheep and she passes the wool around to everyone. In the milking shed you get to see another lady milk a cow then she said we were aloud to close up on the cow we also got to pat it.

when we all finished that we had lunch then we all played. . After lunch we all fed the animals. The first animal we fed was the sheeps, then the chickens, cows and goats. When we fed all the animals the lady said we could look at the rabbits. The rabbits were so cute they were so fuzzy.
After that we all gathered up got our bags and then and waited for the bus. While we were waiting for the bus we did a sing off against the boys and girls. And obviously the boys won.

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