Monday, 10 February 2014

The search for the lost diamond

One frosty cold morning a boy named Jake  and his sister Caroline were listening to the radio and heard there was a lost  diamond in the dark and cold forest , " we have to find that diamond" said Jake.Caroline replied " No way not in that forest it's way to cold to walk in and it's a bit spooky"

Later that day when Caroline was having a nap Jake decided to be cool and find the the diamond on himself. Jake packed a bag that had loads of stuff in it like matches, torch, a coat, first aid kit  and some food. When he had packed he went to take a bathroom break.

The clock struck 7:00 pm and Caroline had woke up.5 minutes later she realized Jake wasn't there so she grabbed her coat and went outside to see if he was there. Caroline had a vision of Jake he was in the dark and cold forest alone trying to find the diamond, "OH NO" said Caroline she grabbed her torch and went into the forest to look for Jake, a few hours later she saw Jake standing next to  tree stump. Caroline called out Jake! his faced looked amazed. Standing next to Jake and seeing the lost diamond it was shinny and clear with so many twinkles. Jake picked up the lost diamond and then the two siblings walked back home and showed their parents. Their parents were so amazed and shocked. The next day they woke up and went to their friends house to show them the diamond they all froze.

                   The End... or is it

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