Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Holiday Highlight

The sunny sun was rising as me and my mum, dad and brother drove to Hunua falls to take me to cheer camp. At last we arrived there and  my dad helped me grab my camp gear and bags and then we all went to the reception to ask where my cabin was. We

found my cabin it wasn’t what I expected it to be it was green and old . I entered the loud cabin and said hi to everyone then I made my bed and placed my bags on the floor. In the noisy was the Rock stars making a lot of noise and making their beds.

When everything was put away my mum,dad and my baby  brother went for a walk well I went to play with my friends. when they were back from their walk they said “good bye” to me and then my parents and brother gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. later when my mum,dad and brother had gone I went to play with my friends.

Time for food said our captain so all the cheerleaders grabbed their utensils and plates and then lined  up. yummy yummy  lunch was over so we did activities the Rock stars had free time so we all practised our skit for the concert on Friday night and played on our phones and ipods.

As the night went past we had dinner the put our pj’s on and also had supper which was a sweet and a hot Milo. Later then we brushed our teeth did our hair and then got ready for bed.  

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