Monday, 4 August 2014

Let The Games Begin

Let the games begin yay!! It is officially happening and the Commonwealth games are finally here. We have all been waiting for a very long four big years and it has  arrived. This year’s games will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. I am so proud of the countries that are part of the Commonwealth Games because the athletes have had to train really really hard and compete in some  difficult events.

Do you know Valerie Adams, well if you don’t she is one of the shot put champions from New Zealand . She has won many competitions in the past years and guess what  this morning Valerie Adams won a  Gold medal in shot put with the distance of 19.88 meters.  This year Valerie Adams won her 3rd commonwealth medal and got it reported on the news. This morning Lauren Boyle won a gold medal and became the New Zealands first commonwealth champion in  the womens 40om freestyle in swimming. Lauren has competed in two commonwealth games and two olympic games. I bet lauren Boyle will win the next game.

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