Sunday, 27 July 2014


This morning I went to the movies with my aunty, uncle and my two cousins Marius and Chloe. At the movies we went to see How to train you're dragon 2, When we arrived at the movies it was about 10:30 and the movie started at 11:00 so we still had half an hour to spend. After we brought the tickets we all went to the game room and played this cool shark attack game with my little cousin Marius. When we got through the middle of the game I died from this weird shrimp thing and so my cousins won. 

When it came to about 10:50 all of us went back into the line and brought us some food, I got a popcorn and a drink so as Chloe she got the same thing. When we headed to the cinema room we had to find our seats our seat letter was D so we had to up the stairs and turn left. As I sat on my seat my bottom got wet because someone had spilt there drink on the seat it was really uncomfortable,  my uncle told me to ask my aunty for a plastic bag to sit on so I did when she gave it to me it was so small so it didn't really do anything. Yay!! the lights were slowly fading and that meant the adds were starting. After about ten minutes of adds and trailers the movie finally started to play.  

After the movie finished my uncle and aunty like to watch the credits so me and my cousins play around the cinema, me and Chloe went up to the couches that were further up from our seats. After we sat on the couches we went down to the very front of the screen and it was making us so dizzy I was like falling over it was really funny. Like 5 minutes later the credits finished and it was time to leave, when we were leaving there were two cleaners waiting for us to exit so that they could clean up all the mess on the floor and the seats. 

As we were walking back to the car we stopped into Pak N Save and got those new hundreds and thousands chocolate. When we finished our Pak N Save trip me and Chloe went to SubWay and we both got a 6 inch meatball sandwich with a M&Ms cookie. Couple minutes later we headed back to the car and drove to my house and dropped me of home.

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