Friday, 18 July 2014


Tomorrow  i'm going to 2 birthday parties, one for my little cousins friend 4th birthday. The other one is for my older cousins 13th birthday her name is Chloe. The first party i'm going to is my cousins friend birthday and were going to have the party at  Rock Climbing. Her party starts at 2:15pm so me and my mum can go to warehouse in the morning and get her a birthday gift.

After the party my cousin, aunty, my mum and me are going straight to Rainbow's End and we're staying there for 7 hours because the night rides finish at 11:00pm and we're going there at 4:00pm. I'm excited to go there because I want to try out the new ride called Stratsofear. It kind of  looks like the claw they had in Aussie that was my favorite ride in DreamWorld it went up and down and really high it gave me huge butterfly's.

I think it is going to one of the best days ever because I get to go to two fun and amazing places. I am so so so so excited, my mum is going to bake my cousin a cake it is going to be a BatMan cake I bet it is going to look so awesome.

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