Friday, 18 July 2014

The little boy and the fire breathing dragon

100, 00 years ago when I wasn't even born a young little boy called  Sam Woods was walking along a path when he spots a big moving shadow  shoved in the corner of a cave. Hmm that's strange Sam says, Sam was so excited to check it out but Sam was on the other side, see a long time ago the ground had separated into half  so it made a huge hole on the ground. As Sam looks around he see's a really long vine hanging from a tree above. Sam went to check if it was strong enough to hold his weight, it's strong enough he says.

Sam hopped on the vine a began to swing across the hole below. When he had landed feet first on the ground he slowly tiptoes over to the moving object. Sam put his hand over it to feel what it was, it was all soft and slimy yuck sam said. He (Sam) shone his torch further up and saw a eye looking right at him. Arrhh!! Sam screamed it started to move around I slowly backup. No way it can't be Sam said A dragon,  it was so big and looked pretty heavy. I try put my hand on it's back but it pushed me away to the side.

A few years had past and Sam had grown up he was now 14 and the dragon had become his awesome pet. They flew together they loved each other they had so much fun together and they always protected one another. One day Sam was on a holiday with his family and when he came back he saw his dragon lying on the ground with an arrow stuck in his left wing. Sam quickly ran over to him NOOOOOO!!!!!!

                                                      Part two coming soon 

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