Friday, 4 July 2014

The tale of RatMan

While searching for food a little girl stood next to a fountain yelling for her parents,she looks lost I say to myself, I scatter to the lost girl but she runs away. Well I guess she will  I am a rat after all, well i’m not just an ordinary rat I am a super rat I am RatMan but my real name is Poochi Smackintosh. That may not sound like a real name but my parents are into really weird stuff and i’m pretty sure  when I was born my mum blurted out a random name. Anyway back to the story, after accidently scaring the girl away I scatter back to the dark lonely tunnel with nobody to be heard or seen. I say my magic word and turn back into a human.

The Day went past and it now was wednesday  when my best  friend Rafael came knocking on the door like there  was something awesome or important to tell me. I run out of bed and walk down the hallway to unlock the front door and obviously Rafael burst out a bunch of words and stuff that I could not understand at all. The probably only sentence I heard was Last night a little girl was killed at 10pm by the same place I was hanging around last night. I put my hand over Rafael ‘s mouth and freeze in horror “ That was the girl I saw yesterday crying infront of the fountain” I cried

We head to town to check out the crime scene It was covered with tape and cones. Rafael has no idea about my super power and that I am a superhero so I tell him I have to go to the bathroom. I don’t like lying to him  but this is a serious problem and I have to find out who had done this like now. When I went into the bathroom to say my magic word there was a man washing his hands. After he got out I quickly said it and then cleared out. I quickly ran to the stinky sewer and went through the little tunnel so I could get there faster. Once I made it out I slowly pushed up the sewer lid and crawled out.

I use my little nose  to sent the scene and all I could smell was the the sea and air. This was going to be a tough day and maybe night. As the day continued we head out for lunch so we walked down to Burger King to fill up our starving stomachs, after lunch we went back and saw a strange shadow heading to the valley. When we quickly tiptoed over Rafael noticed a man in a black leather jacket with white writing on it.

                                        To be continued stay tuned for part two

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