Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Amazing Holidays

Sleepover, movies, baking

Title: My Awesome Holiday.

Start Writing Here: YEY! it’s the holidays I can’t wait I can’t wait  this holiday is going to be so fun with 2 weeks off of school. Once I had just arrived home from cheerleading practice and my dad was saying we need some junk food and some lollies and I had no idea why then my mum said “don’t you know about what’s happening tomorrow” and I said “no”. After that my mum told me that my best friend Ariana was coming over to stay. I was so excited then my mum said that we were going to pick up Ariana in the morning. I could not wait I was really excited.

Finally it was the morning I was still kind of tired but I was still excited as soon as we were leaving I  grabbed my ipad and my mum said “we're only going down the road”. I was in the car and was ready to go my baby brother Orlando was also in the car with me, as we were driving down the road I was playing on my ipad and my baby brother was just sleeping like babies always do. When we arrived at Arianas house I got out of the car and went to go get her Ariana came out with her mum and a lot of bags when she hopped in the car I said “what’s up with all your bags” then she told me some of my bags were for New Plymouth because Ariana was was going tomorrow morning so she was just staying for one night.

When we arrived home I grabbed the laptop and then went to my room with Ariana and then went on my email and video called Khaia she had no camera but she could still hear us. After that we went to the lounge and played on minecraft on the couch ariana was playing minecraft on my Ipad and I was playing on the laptop. After a few minutes had past my mum asked if we wanted to bake now and we said yes so we put down the laptop and ipad and hopped off the couch. We got all of the  ingredients and then sieved them all into the bowl and mixed it all up it. After we had  finished all the ingredients we  poured it out onto the bench and then me and Ariana half of the dough and started roll it into a snake I smelt the dough and it smelt weird because of the spices we had put in, when the dough was rolled into a snake my mum told me and ariana to get a butter knife and cut the dough into little pieces. when that was finished my mum got a tray so that we could put our dough on. We put our dough on and we had to press them with our fingers, when we had done that my mum popped them into the oven to cook.

We made pink icing for the cookies well they were in the oven baking. The smell of the cookies in the oven smelt  really yummy I couldn’t wait to eat them, me and Ariana tried the icing and the icing was yummy. Finally the cookies were ready but we still had to let them cool down. So when we were waiting for them to cool down me and Ariana grabbed the ipad and laptop and carried on playing minecraft. After like 20 minutes I asked if the cookies were cooled down so my mum checked them and guess what they were, I asked Ariana if she wanted to ice them now and she said yes so we put down the laptop and ipad and hopped off the couch again. I got the bowl and my mum got the tray of cookies and started  to ice. Then my nanny came over with some muffins and my nanny said here you can ice these to so we just finished icing the cookies but we had to ice the muffins they were quite hard so we only iced two.

Later then my mum told me and Ariana to get ready because we were going to the movies we are going to see Monsters University. Me and Ariana did our makeup I don’t know why I guess we just wanted to wear makeup to the movies. I wore blue and Ariana as well.  After  we had done our makeup my mum came into her room and said are you and Ariana ready now and we said yes so then we said goodbye to my nanny, koro and my baby brother.

Then we went outside into the windy weather and jumped in the car and was ready to go. When we had finally arrived at the movies my mum got the tickets and then we went to the person who tells you what cinema and what row you are sitting in. After that we found our cinema and seats then we sat down and shared the popcorn around.

Finally the premieres came on and we saw all sorts of trailers that looked cool and funny so I asked my mum if we could see that movie another time. I don’t really like premieres because they're too long so I just eat the popcorn and wait. YEY! the premieres are finished now we can watch the movie now it’s about time. 

The movie  has just started so SHH. Hour and a half later, the movie had just finished and we a ready to go now it was really fun to watch and also pretty funny. We had to go so that we could get back to my baby brother.

When we had arrived home my dad was setting up our beds. Ariana was sleeping on the couch and I was on my mattress. My dad just finished the beds so  me and  Ariana hopped in, I looked at the couch and guess what Ariana was playing on the iPad. We just watched Tv until I looked at the couch and saw that Ariana was sleeping so I just watched Tv for like 5 minutes then went to sleep. 

It was the morning and Ariana was getting ready for New Plymouth. Once her bags were all done we just talked and watched Disney channel after a few minutes went past we heard a car pull in the driveway it was Ariana’s mum with her big sister Brooklyn and her cousin. Me and my mum said bye to Ariana then we went back inside I waved from the window when they were leaving.

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