Monday, 19 August 2013

My version of the Ugly Duckling

Your Challenge: To modernise the fable, The ugly Duckling.

You will need to think about:
  • Who your characters will be
  • How you can make it more modern, e.g. use of modern technology, etc.
  • Your use of speech
  • Be creative!

Characters-  Mother goose- Ugly baby goose


Start Writing Here  
It was a hot summer in Cambodia and there lived a mother goose named Quackup. She was having a baby soon and was super excited. A couple of months went by and she got very impatient and was sick of waiting for her baby to hatch. Quackup just wanted to hang out, chill at the pond with her girlfriends but she knew if she abandoned the egg it would die so she carried on sitting on the egg watching hillarious youtube videos quacking up, I mean cracking up.

Quackup was so tired because she had stayed up all night waiting for her baby to hatch but it didn’t.  Just as she was about to close her eyes, she suddenly heard a crack. She gasped with a burst of excitement. Four days later there were even bigger cracks on the egg. That afternoon Quackup checked her pregnancy app on her iphone 5.  It said congratulations you are due today!  A couple of hours later she saw a little head pop out of the egg.  Finally out popped the legs, arms and body.   It was grey with white wings red eyes and short fat legs.  He was one ugly goose so she decided to call him Ugly Joe.  Quackup took a photo of her new baby.  Suddenly she heard another loud crack.  This time it wasn’t the egg.  Her baby was so ugly that the screen cracked on her Iphone 5 when she took the photo!

All though Ugly Joe was absolutely hideous, he is a great swimmer and also very strong.  He even has little muscles in his wings, so he called himself Wing Man.

When Wing Man was growing up the other geese would always call him names and tease him.  One day Wing Man got sick of being teased so he thought he would take a little journey to the city instead of staying in a dry dead farm with those mean geese.

Far in the distance he saw a  big fancy house. It had a WM on it so he thought it stood for Wing Man so he thought this is going to be perfect! But it actually just stood for White Mansion. Wingman finally reached the mansion where they're lived a Chihuahua called Snoopy and a cat called garfield.  Their owner was a young lovely lady who carried Snoopy and Garfield around in their own Louis Vuitton bags. Wingman became very good friends with them and didn’t want to say good bye but he had to go because he missed the fresh clean slithery feel of the water beneath his wings.

Wing Man strolled on through the city and saw 3 beautiful white swans fluttering away in the water.  He wanted to follow them but thought he was too ugly to hang out with them.  Wingman decided he would follow them but made sure they would not notice him so they wouldn’t tease him.

The next day they all went for a swim.  Wingman was watching them wishing he could be a beautiful White swan. He bowed his head sadly and as he did he saw his reflection in the water.  O.M.G thought Wing Man I am a beautiful white swan.

Wing Man and his new 3 swan friends lived happily ever after.

The End.

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