Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise.

Hello my name is Lazy Bob and for good reason, I have short feet that look like brussel sprouts, I love to hibernate through all winter and I also look like a beautiful patterned  green rock. I also love to chew on grass really really slow during the day. I never win in races but I always come last.

Do you know that hare across the path he calls himself Speedy Tom? Because he tells all the other animals in the forest  that every race he enters he always takes in first place, but what they don’t know is in march 2001 Speedy Tom entered a race and actually took in second place, and do you want to know who had beat him in that race? ok i'll tell you... it was me! None of the animals could believe in what they had just seen because I had just beat Speedy Tom in a race.

So actually I have won one race before. And heres how I won Speedy Tom was in front of me at the beginning of the race but once I was coming and I saw that Speedy Tom was having a nap so I managed to come in first place  It was a miracle because those animals that are now friends with Speedy Tom were actually my friends back in those days. I used to be very popular but ever since that Speedy Tom entered more races and won more gold. Now that Speedy Tom is popular again he is still calling me horrible things like cabbage head. I don’t like it when Speedy Tom calls me nasty things.

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