Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Holiday Recount Term 2

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Last Friday night my awesome amazing mum took me and my friend Starr to Jump. Jump is a place full of really bouncy trampolines ( Trampoline Kingdom). When my mum booked us in I was getting excited because it was my first time coming. The lady at the reception told us to go sit down and there will be a man telling the instructions and rules. Once the instructor guy was finished Starr and I took our shoes off then we went jump around.

When I first jumped on the trampoline it was really really bouncy I went so high I could almost reach the roof up up high. After that I went to the foam pit to practice my backflips and frontflips off it. As I flipped in I could feel myself sinking in so it was really difficult to get out. Next to the foam pit was this really high thing that you could jump off into the  pit of foam. When I went on it I did a front flip off it and I almost landed on my face but luckily I didn’t.

Me and Starr got really hot and tired so I asked my mum if we could buy a drink, she said yes so e went to the counter and the lady asked s if we wanted a slushy instead and we said “yes please” me and Starr got a purple slushy that was flavoured passion fruit it was delicious and cold. After a sip I went back on the trampolines to jump. I had a turn on this big thing could the wall it was like a wall you had to jump on, but it wasn’t just a little wall it was a really tall high wall. After about 2 turns I finally made it up but Starr didn’t.

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