Monday, 5 May 2014

Immersion assembly 2014 term 2

Today was our first day of term 2 and this morning we are going to have immersion assembly like we do every first day of the term. Our topic for the term is I like to move it move it so most of the teachers were dressed up in colours, clowns and other great costumes. When we all walked in the hall Mr Jacobson was playing the Madagascar theme song and me and my friend were dancing.

I liked everyones performances and movies because they  were funny, interesting and they also taught  me some stuff that I didn’t know before. The team I really like was team 1 because they showed us all sorts of animals in the zoo like Lions, Hippos, Rhinoceros, Zebras, Giraffes and other interesting and cool animals. Something I learnt from their skit and movie was how to move it move it.

I really liked this immersion assembly because the skits were performed well and movies were amazing. I hope next term our other assembly will be like this.

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