Monday, 12 May 2014

My Brother's 1st Birthday!!!

Today was my baby brother Orlando's 1st  birthday 11th of May 2014. Last night my mum, dad, cousin  and I stayed up all night decorating the house while my mum was making my brothers cake. When Orlando woke up at like 12:00 am we all said HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORLANDO!!!!!! 

When it came to 9:30 in the morning I woke up and said Happy Birthday to him and gave him big kisses and hugs. After we got ready me my mum, dad and my friend and Orlando went to chipmunks for the afternoon. We only stayed there for 3 hours and then we went home because Orlando was getting really tired, The party started at 4:30pm so we could get the party set up with the food. 

When the guest started to arrive I put his presents on the table. The first meal  was pizza, and after everyone was finished with their pizza i opened up the ice cream bar. Me and my cousin Chloe did the ice cream bar thing, as the guest came up they gave us a few dollars and we gave them some ice cream. later on the family started to leave as we said goodbye. 

                         And that's what I did on Sunday.

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