Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I'm on the Titanic

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Tonight is my 2nd journey on the Titanic. The biggest ship of all time.  While laying on my bed I hear a big crashing sound on the right side of the ship. The crash was so  huge  it  moved my bed with me on it, getting  out of bed I suddenly walk into a puddle  on the brown wooden floor, as the water gets higher I stand there shivering  with fear running down my spine. I run out the door and hear screams of terror down the hall now this started to really give me the creeps.

Sprinting down the walkway  I ask the man who was offering free blankets and pillows and asked him what was  going on, He replies “it seems that Titanic has hit an iceberg now every ones going crazy” I run back to my room  but I couldn't get in because  I was

trapped my room was filled with ice cold water, it was so cold that my bed turned into ice I was starting to get really scared. 12:20 am the Titanic started tilting forwards and everyone started running in fear. I ran as quick as I could to find an empty life boat but it was too late the last life boat just left when I had arrived to the deck. I yell out HELP!!  I grab a firework and light it up to call for help but there was no time.

My life was over I was dead I thought I knew this day was coming. When the boat tipped over I held onto the handles of the deck but the water pushes me away, and this is when I knew I was dead. Luckily I spotted an empty life boat floating away, I swam as fast as I could to get that life boat but I only had 30 seconds life left so what was the point.


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