Monday, 22 December 2014

American store & Patumahoe

Sunday afternoon me and my friend Starr went to the american store (Martha's backyard) in Mount Wellington. The reason why we went to the american store is because we wanted to get these ver popular jelly beans called Bean Boozled. Bean Boozled is a box of jelly beans that have jelly beans that look the same but one might taste good or one might taste really gross. 

When we arrived to the store I quickly went inside to find a candy called warheads. When I was looking there wee no more warheads left, I was a bit angry because they were really sour candy which taste's really good. Instead of looking for them I got my first favourite chips called cheettos (flaming hot) which were really spicy chips. 

Starr and I finally found the Bean Boozled and then we came across to Berti Botts harry potter jelly beans, they looked ver interesting so we bought both boxes of jelly beans. I was really scared because there were some really bad flavours, i've already tried the bean boozled but I thought it would be fun to do it again. As I went to buy my candy my dad asked if I could buy my little pool that was four dollars so I said sure. When we purchased our items Starr and I went back into the car ready to go to Patumahoe, that's were my aunty and uncle lives.

When we were putting up the tree at their house it was really hard to stand up because it was a real tree so it was really big to. It was really hard putting the tinsel on because it was so wide and spiky, there were a lot of decorations so we had to try put them all on the tree. When we finished doing the tree it looked so weird. It looked really funny. After that me and Starr did the bean boozled challenge and I got every single bad flavour. 


  1. Bean Boozled's sounds interesting... What kind of "bad flavours" are there, do they have names? Reminds me of "Berti Bott's Every Flavour Beans" from Harry Potter haha

    1. Hi Mr Goodwin
      the flavours are Stinky socks, lawn clippings, rotten egg, toothpaste, vomit, dog food, booger, mouldy cheese, baby wipes, skunk spray, centipede and pencil shavings. I think skunk spray and stinky socks were really bad.


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