Saturday, 20 December 2014

Putting up the christmas tree at aunty Lisa and uncle Liam's house

Tomorrow is Sunday and my mum, dad, brother and I are driving to Patumahoe. Were going to my aunty and uncle's house to help put up the christmas tree. Last time we went there their christmas tree was really small it was the part of the tree you attach on top. I like going to their house because they have a really big backyard and a dog named Yoshi he loves to play with the flying disc.

When we went before the drive was really long it was about 45 minutes long. I thought it was really fun the last time because we had a barbecue and some of their friends were there to. Whenever we help set up the tree with them they always play christmas songs on the TV. I can't wait to go tomorrow. 

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  1. Hey Brooklyn:

    That's so nice of you to go and help with the Christmas tree. Yum I could really do with a barbecue right now.How long did you stay there for? Keep up the great work!!


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