Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last day of school

Today was Pt England's last day, because it was the last day of school we had half day so we all got to finish at 12:30pm. In the morning we had our assembly just like we do on Friday's. At assembly I got to kids@work certificates, one was for fruit flies and the other one was for sports monitors. 

When assembly had finished we went into our literacy classes and sat on the mat. Then Mrs Garden and Mr Goodwin told us to get in some groups so she put together some team captains, I was in Juliet's team. The groups were for a game called ghost. Our team came 2nd to last and the winning team was Josh's team so they got  to get one freddo frog each. 

Our second game was called snakes. Snakes is when you get given a lolly and and you have to save the wrapper, once you've finished the lolly carefully rip the wrapper and whoever makes the longest snake won a freddo frog. And guess who won, well it wasn't our team but it was Maysun's team. 

Our last game was pass the parcel, Mrs Garden changed the game a bit so there were three different coloured card and you had to do what the colour says. If the music stopped on you but you didn't want to open it you can pass it to someone else. When the music stopped on me I didn't want to open it because it could of been the orange card and that means you have to sing a verse of any song. After the games we had morning tea. 

During morning tea people were signing my cast ( I fractured my wrist). Thanks for signing my cast guys Stevenson, Elizabeth U, Marilyn, Promise, Jalen, Louis, and Collin. When that was all finished I went to play four square with my friends ( with one hand). The bell had gone and everyone was now in there math classes Mr Somerville said we could play a couple of games. Our first game was called silent ball, it's when you have to throw and catch a ball silently. I thought that game was really fun and challenging. Our very last game of the year was called BANG I got out a couple of times. 

When it was about 11:50 we all lined up ready to go to the hall. When we were in the hall Mrs Jacobson gave out mini candy canes , they were yummy. After assembly we all said bye to our teachers and friends and then we all went home. I'm going to miss my friends and teachers.

Happy holidays xoxo


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