Friday, 19 December 2014


Today was my little cousin's birthday. She was turning 4 today, for her birthday party we went to a place called Leap which is down hamilton. Leap is a indoor trampoline park just like the place called jump.

7:00 in the morning was the time my mum had to wake me up to get ready for the party. I was really tired and it is school holidays so I wanted to sleep in. When I was all ready and dressed it was time to wake up my brother Orlando, he was a sleepyhead because when I was calling his name he still wasn't waking up.

Once my mum, Orlando and I were in the car we had to pick up aunty Lee because she was coming to hamilton with us. When she was in the car we went back home to get the cake and to take my medicine. The cake was a frozen cake that had Olaf on top, my mum made it all by herself it looks so cool.

Because we didn't have time to eat breakfast we all went to McDonald's  it was yummy. On our way to hamilton. As we were driving there I started getting a little tired so I laid back and closed my eyes and before you knew it I was asleep for like about 40 minutes, when I woke up my mum said were almost there. Pulling up to a parking I saw a sign saying Leap indoor trampoline park. I was excited because it was just like jump.

Inside there were a lot of trampolines, two inflatable things and a  big foam pit oh and one basketball hoop place which was really fun. I got it in the hoops a couple of times even without looking. Kai time!!! After a big jump all the kids got called for a Kai all the food look delicious. There were chicken drumsticks, salads, sausages and more. There were also some really good fruit kebabs with blueberries, oranges, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and a lolly on the end.

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